Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

Jogja day 2 - Breakfast at Grafika

Finally we arrived at Jogjakarta / Yogyakarta / Ngayogyakarta :D
At 4 a.m. we arrived at a restaurant for took a bath, pray subuh and breakfast.
Grafika Restaurant  Yogyakarta

Still sleepy, look at one of the sleepy faces

It`s gabriella samosir @gbysmsr

My bus arrived first. So we had to wait the other bus. While waited...camera on!

@aliefiard and @garnisypnp

Fia was like a waiter and Mr. Loeky was like "om-om" haha

The sun just woke up from his tight sleep. Took a deep breath felt the Jogja`s fresh air. I do miss it.


there were many birds, dunno what kind of bird

XII social class

 At 6 a.m we went to breakfast.
Rice + Soup + Fried Chicken + Crackers "kerupuk" + Hot tea
Sadly I don`t have the food`s photo


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