Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Selang bunder in elegant black dress (ybs)

2  weeks ago, I had year book photo session (ybs)
This is my class with their black dress...

Alfiera Savitri

Aliefia Rizky

Dinda Nalurita

Era Mardhika (me)

Garnis Yoga


Shara Azzuraida


I love Red!!!

I do love red!!! Redc is amazing, awesome, interesting and i just love it.
This is a picture about my red stuff. Actually I have many more red stuff

1. Post monybox = from my classmate as my present on my 16th birthday
2. Faber castell = from my mom, 6 months ago
3. Guitar miniature = I buy it on BALI 3 years ago
4. HP box = from my father, 7 years ago
5. Red bangle  = from my school organization
6. Red bangle (again) = from my sister 4 years ago
7. Red and white bangle = from my friend, and it`s from Kalimantan / Borneo island, 2 years ago
8. Guitar pic  I buy two 3 years ago, but the other one I gave to my friend

But the most I love is...this!
This bangle! I have been wearing it for almost 5 years. And I very rarely take this off from my hand. I fell thi bangle is like my horcrux haha. Maybe not until 20 times, i take off that bangle from my hand in this 5 years. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!

Hijabers, doing by my self :))

 I`m not wearing a hijab, but Insya Allah, I will!
 I try to use my modification on hijab to my friends, Look!

1. Shara Azzuraida

Is she beautiful? yes of courseeee. And I choose simple but nice and feminine modification. Because she has a round face, so I try to tighten her hijab on her face. I`m so jealous with her beautifuckin` face :l

2. Khoirunnisa`

Different with shara, Khoir has a long face, so I choose to spreader her hijab. Simple, little bit elegant and feminine.

3. Aliefia Rizky
Actually, she has round face, the right modification for her hijab is tightening up the hijab. But she don`t want to use that tight modification. So, I just did simple modify to her.

p.s : And for your information, I just use one pin to make all that type. Hijaber is not difficult it seem :)

Elegant in black

2 weeks ago, I had a year book photo session. My class worn black dresses to make an elegant theme. Here we go!
This taken before I went to photo session. Still with mu head band and my roll and my glasses, but still...awesome! Look...

The 2nd photo...
You know it`s like Dinda (left) and me (right) as a models and garnis (grey viel) like a make up actrees and fia`s mom (colorful dress) like the major of a model agency wkwk.

The 3rd photo, me and dinda

The 4th and 5th photos, I tried to be like a professional model, with act like a girl with her exotic face wkwk

Is it good or ... ? Haha just say, it`s good :)
And the last but not least photo
I`m so proud of this photo, dunno why. I think I`m so beautiful here :D

trip to JOGJAKARTA day 1

On 17th Nophember ago, me and all student in XII grade of my school went to Jogjakarta for study tour. We wen there for 4 days. These me and my friend`s picture when we got ready at the night. And FYI me, and my friend garnis and fia are the committe of this study tour.

Oke, first!
This, taken after the committe done with their briefing. Before we handle on all student, better take some pictures before we were getting stress and ieuh :p

Garnis and me (Look garnis`s expression)

Aliefia, me and garnis

me and garnis (again)
garnis, gaby and me
garnis, me and the chairman committe, edwin
me, izzatul and garnis

Webcam : crazy time

Sometime, there was a quality time with your friend, when you`re getting mad, like this!
These photos taken when I was XI grade, with Garnis and Fia. How SHEMALE we are? haha

Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

Ini hati bukan merpati

Ini hati bukan merpati
Yang begitu dilepas langsung berlari
Yang dengan mudahnya kembali
Itu merpati bukan hati honey...

Ini masalah rasa bukan logika
Lupakan saja kata-kata
Tatap saja mata
Ada cinta?

Ini aku
Ke kamu
Tentang sesuatu
Sesuatu yang lalu

Maukah kembali pikirkan
Ucapan, perbedaan dan perdebatan
Itu kenyataan?
Atau hanya kemarahan dan kebingungan?

Maafkan hati yang bermerpati
Rasa yang terlalu berlogika
Kemarahan dan kebingungan
Maafkan, tak bisa melupakan