Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

It is Love not Dove

It is love not dove
Who  easy to fly out and come back any time he want
It is love not dove who brings a mail with a text in there that someone wanna say to someone else
Love is not about just talk like a mail but love is action
Walk together in the past, present or future
In the sadness or happiness
In the easy or hard life that we will gonna get
But not forever love wasn`t same with a dove
There was a time that love can be similar with  a dove
But his requirement doesn`t same with dove
You don`t need to give him a food
Or clean up the dovecote
Love`s food is a your feeling and someone you loved
Guess what the feel, every body know it
Lovecote is your hearths
Keep it live in both of your hearth
Make a comfortable house for  your new pet
Don`t ever let love fly out from their lovecote
Because you can`t buy it where ever you searching for
Love is very fragile
Once he fly out from the lovecote he can be die
Remember he never learn to fly
He just learn to stay in his lovecote and bring a happiness to his boss
I`m sure that you can`t buy it or get it back again
He will gone forever till you get your someone who was built your lovecote back to loving you
It is LOVE not DOVE! :)

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