Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

trip to JOGJAKARTA day 1

On 17th Nophember ago, me and all student in XII grade of my school went to Jogjakarta for study tour. We wen there for 4 days. These me and my friend`s picture when we got ready at the night. And FYI me, and my friend garnis and fia are the committe of this study tour.

Oke, first!
This, taken after the committe done with their briefing. Before we handle on all student, better take some pictures before we were getting stress and ieuh :p

Garnis and me (Look garnis`s expression)

Aliefia, me and garnis

me and garnis (again)
garnis, gaby and me
garnis, me and the chairman committe, edwin
me, izzatul and garnis

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