Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

I love Red!!!

I do love red!!! Redc is amazing, awesome, interesting and i just love it.
This is a picture about my red stuff. Actually I have many more red stuff

1. Post monybox = from my classmate as my present on my 16th birthday
2. Faber castell = from my mom, 6 months ago
3. Guitar miniature = I buy it on BALI 3 years ago
4. HP box = from my father, 7 years ago
5. Red bangle  = from my school organization
6. Red bangle (again) = from my sister 4 years ago
7. Red and white bangle = from my friend, and it`s from Kalimantan / Borneo island, 2 years ago
8. Guitar pic  I buy two 3 years ago, but the other one I gave to my friend

But the most I love is...this!
This bangle! I have been wearing it for almost 5 years. And I very rarely take this off from my hand. I fell thi bangle is like my horcrux haha. Maybe not until 20 times, i take off that bangle from my hand in this 5 years. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this!

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