Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Elegant in black

2 weeks ago, I had a year book photo session. My class worn black dresses to make an elegant theme. Here we go!
This taken before I went to photo session. Still with mu head band and my roll and my glasses, but still...awesome! Look...

The 2nd photo...
You know it`s like Dinda (left) and me (right) as a models and garnis (grey viel) like a make up actrees and fia`s mom (colorful dress) like the major of a model agency wkwk.

The 3rd photo, me and dinda

The 4th and 5th photos, I tried to be like a professional model, with act like a girl with her exotic face wkwk

Is it good or ... ? Haha just say, it`s good :)
And the last but not least photo
I`m so proud of this photo, dunno why. I think I`m so beautiful here :D

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