Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Hijabers, doing by my self :))

 I`m not wearing a hijab, but Insya Allah, I will!
 I try to use my modification on hijab to my friends, Look!

1. Shara Azzuraida

Is she beautiful? yes of courseeee. And I choose simple but nice and feminine modification. Because she has a round face, so I try to tighten her hijab on her face. I`m so jealous with her beautifuckin` face :l

2. Khoirunnisa`

Different with shara, Khoir has a long face, so I choose to spreader her hijab. Simple, little bit elegant and feminine.

3. Aliefia Rizky
Actually, she has round face, the right modification for her hijab is tightening up the hijab. But she don`t want to use that tight modification. So, I just did simple modify to her.

p.s : And for your information, I just use one pin to make all that type. Hijaber is not difficult it seem :)

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