Senin, 21 November 2011

Best Friend


A While ago,  I meet a stranger
A stranger who gave me a nice smile
A smile that showed a special seed
A seed of friendship
The seed flourished into a strong, steady and solid friendship
A friendship that is as tough as an oak tree
A friendship tree that was full of fun and laughter
A Friendship where we shared our greatest joys
And our greatest disaster
We discovered many interesting things together
You saved me heaps of times
But sometimes things don`t work out that well (ouch)
But the MOST important thing that we discovered
Was our little friendship tree
Which fortunately wasn`t cactus tree
But a friendship which was SO SO SO strong that nothing could separate it!
A friendship that is the BEST GIFT in life!! One that I will treasure FOREVER!!
Thank you for being my best friend


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