Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Two sentence for lastnite

“Namun semua apa mungkin, iman kita yang berbeda
Tuhan memang satu, kita yang tak sama” – (Peri Cintaku - Marcell)

Hi J,
How are you? It`s been long time, I say hi to you huh? So sorry, you know that I`ve been busy in my 12 grade. How was USA? What time is it there, it`s still +12 hours from Indonesia isn`t it? All the things still in their place like first time we met.  Just one aren`t. You know.
Last nite, you said hi to me in my facebook. Thanks, Still remember me. You know, you make me remember something in 2012. Between you and I. Omegle, twitter, facebook, your dad, your pets, USA, Indonesia, all were ridiculous haha. Unfortunately all was done over cause one thing. One thing that so basic problem. I don`t care, we don`t care about the distance. Not about that, oh please you know how many times I had long distance relationship, not just you. It was about the basic principal. Sorry I really really can`t tolerance with this one. Sorry.
Okay, I`m not making you remember the pain, no. I just wanna say two sentences for you. I got it from Indonesian`s song. When I hear that song, I remember about our 2012. It hurt me a little. God is the best scriptwriter, God knows what`s the best for every single human. Sorry, I can`t tell you directly, just from the link you got. Use a translator to translate the italic fonts. Look at to the top. If you were done with that, tell me. Vermisse dich auch J!

3th March 2012, Malang east Java Indonesia
Era Mardhika

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